Get Outside Mountain Relay will return in Fall 2022



In the mountains of North Carolina a call is going out. It is a call for runners. A call for Gomers.  A call to GET OUTSIDE and…Relay.


The Get Outside Mountain Relay (GOMR) is a One Of A Kind 208-mile Hub relay that is more than a running event, it is the event for running.

The GOMR is something different.

  • Once you sign up and pay, all you have to do is bring your running gear, costumes, gels, water, tents, sleeping bags, GOMR Village decorations, some spending money, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Get Outside Mountain Relay (GOMR) is a 104 mile loop around Alleghany County, NC, starting in Glade Valley, which will be run twice to complete the 208 miles.  Plus, there are options for 104-mile 1/2 GOMR,Ultra distances, and even team Rucking.


GOMR caters to runners like no other relay race.  

What sets GOMR apart from other relays is we are taking care of the race transportation. Get here, and we’ll get you where you need to be. That’s right, we’ll shuttle you to your legs and back to GOMR Nation. That means when you are not running, you will be in our pop-up nation that exists for the weekend. Instead of being split up in two separate vans, you and your team have the opportunity to stake you claim, build your own community, and interact with a whole nation of Gomers. Get ready for the best relay event ever!

The Journey Began

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The Course

The Course

Download the course book and understand each leg.
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No Vans!

No Vans!

Kick Back and Relax. Leave the driving to us.
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GOMR Village

GOMR Village

Living the life of a Gomer for the weekend.
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About GOMR

About GOMR

Understanding GOMR.
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Important Dates and Times

Important Dates and Times

Helpful information for your calendar.
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Volunteering at this event is fun! What to expect and how to get involved.
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Gomr Divisions

GOMR Events


2 loops, up to 12 people, 36 legs, 208 miles. Start Friday morning.


One loop, 6 or 9 people, 18 legs, 104 miles. Start Friday morning or Friday night.


1 loop, 6 or 9 people, 104 miles. Hiking with a pack. Start Friday morning.

Matt Graham (F3 Xerox)

F3 Greensboro Team Member

Donny, Wendy, and the whole GOMR Crew put on a fantastic event.  The GOMR is challenging, fun, and one of the best relays I’ve ever run.

Matt Graham
Nolan Tipton

Team Captain - M-Town F3 Kingpins

We just wrapped up our first year at the GOMR and have to say we had an amazing time. The race was extremely difficult but the atmosphere and people running it made it such a great experience. Thank You!

Noland Tipton
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The GOMR Relay

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If you have any questions, contact Head Gomer Donny McCall at donny@getoutsideevents.com.