Being a GOMR Team Captain is an awesome responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just kidding, it isn’t that hard.

Basically, you will register the team and pay for yourself. You will create a password for your team (if desired). You will receive confirmation of your registration and a link to share to your team members.  The team members will then register as a “Gomer Team Member” and pay for their own registration.

Beyond that, you can make it as difficult or simple as you want.  Some teams create spreadsheets and write formulas to track their progress.  Some teams plan out their rotations so some runners can avoid running overnight.  Some teams just show up and rely on our system to show when they need to prepare to shuttle out to their Exchange.  However you want to do it is fine with us.  

Any communication between GOMR and your team will go through you. Even if we communicate directly with one of your team members, we will CC you, so you’re always in the loop.

As a Gomer Captain, it will be important for you to be familiar with the entire website, GOMR Handbook, and GOMR Guide.

If we get communication from an individual Gomer looking for a team, and your team isn’t full, we will send you the Gomer’s contact info. If you decide to put that Gomer on your team, email us at contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com and let us know. He will have to fill out the registration form again under the Gomer Team Member button. If you don’t take him, let us know, so we can continue to help him find a team.

GOMR Handbook

2018 GOMR Handbook

Updated August 31, 2017

Everyone involved with Get Outside Mountain Relay (runners, volunteers, staff, etc.) should be knowledgeable of all the material contained in this handbook, as well as the GOMR Guide. We want everyone to be safe and have a wonderful time. Adhering to the modest number of rules in this guide will help with that. It is recommended that you print this guide out (or have it on your tablet/laptop) to reference it when needed.

PDF version of the GOMR Handbook

PDF version of the GOMR Guide

GOMR Nation (Blue Ridge Christian School)

Blue Ridge Christian School has granted permission for Get Outside Mountain Relay to take over their campus for this exciting weekend. GOMR Nation is where everything but the running will happen. We will have many amenities and are planning for vendors, games, and entertainment. Teams are also welcome to bring footballs, Frisbees, Corn Hole boards, etc., as there will be room to stretch out and have fun. Bring blankets and chairs too. Below are some notes and warnings about GOMR’s use of the campus.

  1. The address of the school is 122 Glade Valley Church Road, Glade Valley, NC  28627.
  2. GOMR Village will be on the athletic field and is where teams will set up camp for the weekend.
    1. GOMR Nation will open for teams to begin arriving and setting up their Village Sites at 12:00 PM, Thursday, May 31, 2018.  GOMR Village Check In will close at 9:00pm Thursday.  All teams must have at least a representative to check in on Thursday and bring the bulk of their stuff (tents, coolers, cornhole boards, etc.) to get loaded into the Village.  Race day will be busy and we may not be able to offer help moving stuff to the Village.
    2. Depending on the amount of teams registered, you may be able to spread out with a bunch of room, or we may have to tighten everyone down into a close-knit community.  We should know in plenty of time the amount of registrations, and be able to let you know how much space you’ll have.  It is recommended that your team decide how your Site will be designed, that it will be convenient for rest and relaxation, and won’t encroach upon or disturb your neighbors.
    3. Team captains need to inform Head Gomer during the registration process if there are multiple teams that would want to camp close together.  We will try to accommodate all requests, but it is important to let us know as soon as possible.
    4. You are welcome to design/decorate your Site in the most imaginative way possible.  We ask that you be respectful and tasteful in your design decisions.  GOMR reserves the right to remove material it deems inappropriate.
  3. It is required that all teams send at least a check in/set-up crew to GOMR Nation on Thursday.  This could be one person or the whole team.  The set-up crew should have most, if not all, of the tents, blankets, chairs, corn hole boards, footballs, Frisbees, etc. that is to be loaded into their GOMR Village Site.  There will be a lot of coordination involved in getting teams unloaded and personal vehicles off campus.  We will not have the time on Friday, once teams start running, to deal with personal vehicles on campus.  If your team can’t send a set up crew on Thursday, you better be a very fast team that won’t start the relay until later in the day (after 12:00 pm), as most of the other teams will be on the course and it may have calmed a bit on campus. 
  4. We welcome all Gomers to drive individually if they intend to stay in the county beyond the race.  However, whether driving individually or carpooling to GOMR, personal vehicles will not be allowed to stay on campus.  You will drive to campus to unload your gear, then will be directed to an offsite facility for parking.  Shuttles will return you to campus.  If your team intends to leave campus immediately after your team’s completion of GOMR, you will need to have your Site packed up and waiting in the Loading Area.  Once your final runner returns and cools down, the team will be taken to the parking facility.
  5. The whole team doesn’t have to stay or leave at the completion of GOMR.  If some members want to stay and camp in the Village Saturday, you are welcome.  There will be limited support staff beyond the completion of the race and awards ceremony.  However, your personal vehicle will be allowed back on campus if you intend to stay.  You are also encouraged to spend Saturday night in Alleghany County at either the Alleghany Inn, or one of the many cabins or bed and breakfasts.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service and Blue Ridge Parkway will issue a Special Use Permit to the Get Outside Mountain Relay to access the Blue Ridge Parkway. In addition to the established rules and regulations of these organizations, the following will apply to the Get Outside Mountain Relay:

  1. “All runners must wear reflective vests at all times while on the Blue Ridge Parkway.”  To meet this requirement, the Get Outside Mountain Relay will require runners, who are running legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 19, 20, 21, and 22 to wear reflective vests for their entire leg, regardless of time-of-day.

Counties and Municipalities

The roads used for the Get Outside Mountain Relay in Alleghany County are mostly rural, narrow and have little or no paved shoulder. Several legs will be a combination of gravel and pavement.

Caution: The course is completely open to normal traffic. Signs are posted along the route to warn traffic of runners being present. However, when traffic is approaching, give the right of way and be very careful when stepping onto the gravel/grass shoulder. Look before you step and step onto the shoulder earlier than normal to ensure good footing.

Course Markings

The course will be marked with one Get Outside Mountain Relay directional sign before each turn and one confirmation sign after each turn. Signs during the night legs will be highlighted with reflective tape. However, as noted in the GOMR Guide, it is the responsibility of the runner to navigate the course. In addition, approximately ¼ mile before an Exchange, an “EXCHANGE AHEAD” sign will be posted. Please note that signs may read “GOMR”, and/or have the Logo on it. Signs will be posted on the Left side of the road. However, signs will be posted on the Right when the leg notes/description instructs runners to run on the right. Occasionally signs do disappear. So, memorizing or carrying your cue sheet is highly advised. Download the Turn by Turn PDFs to have on your phone while running.

Safety Concerns

We believe runners should always run defensively. Please be advised that you will be running on a course that is open to normal traffic. Roads will be posted with caution signs to approaching traffic. All runners should be alert to traffic, blind curves/turns, and road conditions.

If you have questions about safety, especially at night:

  1. County Sheriff Departments, Rescue Squad, First Responders, Fire Departments, and Local Law Enforcement are informed of the Relay’s presence, of the roads we’re using, and the respective time of day.  They will be patrolling the course. 
  2. You may want to carry a small canister of pepper spray.
  3. Carrying your cell phone may or may not offer comfort.  Sections of course may not have cell service.

Team Check-in

  1. Relay bracelets will be distributed at packet pick-up, with the team’s race numbers.
  2. Relay bracelets will be retrieved at the finish.
  3. Not all team members are required to be at the start or packet pick-up.
  4. A waiver for each Gomer is electronically signed during registration.

Start Line

GOMR’s start line will be in the circular parking lot of Blue Ridge Christian School. Team check-in and shuttle service will be at Alexander Hall, the next building down. Runner #1 will go to the Start Line at least 10 minutes before scheduled wave. Subsequent runners will be shuttled out and back to Alexander Hall. Look for the shuttle with your Leg Number on it. Reflective vests, flashlights and blinking lights for runner #1 will be inspected at Start Line if they’re starting early in the morning and #19 overnight. Evening and night runners’ safety equipment will be inspected by volunteers at the shuttles.

Best Decorated GOMR Village Site Competition

The Best Decorated GOMR Village Site Competition will be judged by everyone over the course of the weekend. A box will be placed in Alexander Hall where everyone (Staff, volunteers, runners) will place their vote for best decorated Site. Support Staff will tally the votes by 4:00 PM Saturday and announce the winner at the Awards Ceremony.

Restroom Facilities

Restroom facilities and/or port-a-johns will be available at all Exchanges and at GOMR Nation. Please use them. Teams will be disqualified if found relieving themselves along the course, or on people’s property.

Food and Beverages

Be prepared. Your team will be living on the Nation for the duration of the race. You should bring food and drinks that you know will work well with your stomach, especially close to your running times. However, we are working with several groups that have expressed interest in preparing meals at different times throughout the weekend. These groups will be offering food for sale at a modest price or by donation. Details of the meals and exact times are still being worked out. The handbook will be updated as soon as details are solidified.

Water jugs will be available at GOMR Nation throughout the weekend (bring your own cup). We are working to have groups provide meals during the following times.

  1. Breakfast Friday 6-10.
  2. Lunch Friday 12-4.
  3. Dinner Friday 6-10.
  4. Overnight Saturday 12-4.
  5. Breakfast Saturday 6-10.
  6. Lunch Saturday 12-4.

Weather Conditions

Weather in the mountains of North Carolina can be unpredictable. Early June can have overnight temperatures as low as the upper 30’s, with highs during the days in the upper 70’s. Like the Boy Scout Motto, “Be Prepared”, you should be ready for sun, rain, wind, heat, and cold.

First Aid

GOMR Nation will have limited ability for medical care beyond basic First Aid. We are hoping to have the Alleghany Rescue Squad stationed on campus during the relay. Teams should bring a First Aid kit for their team. For medical care beyond basic First Aid, 911 should be called. If a condition exists where 911 is called, please also inform Head Gomer by sending a text (after Emergency Services have been contacted) to 336-363-4984.

Finish Line

The finish line is same as the Start and Leg 18 Exchange.

Teams may finish with their last runner. The staging area for teams finishing with their runner will be across the road from the school. Please do not interfere with finishing runners from other teams. If your runner and another team’s runner are finishing close, please allow the active runners to pass before entering the finish line chute.

Emergency and Medical Care Contacts

Call 911 for all emergencies. Runners should know their location on the course at all times. Race Day course anomalies, weather, emergency information, etc. will be posted on the Get Outside Mountain Relay Facebook page. Race related questions must be directed to Exchange Relay Officials.

Alleghany Memorial Hospital
233 Doctors St, Sparta
Sparta Alleghany Fire Department
64 Cox Street, Sparta
Cherry Lane Fire Department
8378 US 21 S, Glade Valley
Glade Creek Fire Department
6374 Glade Valley Road, Ennice
Piney Creek Fire Department
500 Piney Creek School Road, Piney Creek
Laurel Springs Fire Department
12509 NC 18 S, Laurel Springs

Gas Stations and Grocery Stores

Prior to setting up camp, you can travel into Sparta (5 miles from Glade Valley Road, heading North on US 21) and get food, supplies, and fill your vehicles up for the trip home.

Garbage Disposal

Dumpsters and trash cans will be on GOMR Nation. Please dispose of trash in receptacles.

Refund Policy

There is a strict No Refund policy. See Substitutions and Transfers below for more information.


We understand Gomers have to drop out for various reasons after registering. Below are the steps to follow for substituting Gomers. For each substitution, there will be a $10 charge, plus processing fees.

  1. Captain will complete the form to inform us which Gomer needs to be deleted.
  2. We will delete that Gomer’s registration, without refund, and send a discount code to the Captain to provide to their new Gomer.
  3. The new Gomer will register using the discount code.
  4. The new Gomer will work out reimbursement to the deleted Gomer.


An individual Gomer or whole Team that needs to drop out of GOMR understands there are no refunds. However, assuming the individual Substitution method described above isn’t desired, a Gomer or Team may drop out and elect to transfer their registration to the following year only.

  • Transfer requests outside of eight weeks of event date will be charged a $30 per runner transfer fee.
  • Transfer requests between two and eight weeks of event date will be charged a $60 per runner transfer fee.
  • Transfer requests will not be honored inside two weeks of event date.

If the team decides not to participate due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, their registration is forfeited.

If an individual transfer is desired:

  1. Captain will inform us which Gomer is dropping out and wants their registration transferred by emailing contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com.
  2. We will delete that Gomer’s registration, without refund, and send a confirmation email to the Captain and deleted Gomer that their registration is intact for the following year only, minus transfer fee.
  3. We will contact the Captain that the Gomer has been deleted, so a new Gomer can register in their place.  The new Gomer will pay online at time of registration.
  4. During the following year’s open registration, it will be up to the transferred Gomer to inform us of which team they want to be placed on and pay the registration difference.

If a team transfer is desired:

  1. Captain will inform us of the team’s desire to withdraw from the current year’s GOMR by emailing contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com.
  2. We will delete the team’s registration, without refund, and send a confirmation email to the Captain that the team’s registration is intact for the following year only, minus transfer fee.
  3. During the following year’s open registration, the Captain will inform us that the team is to be placed back on the roster of teams.
  4. We will provide the Captain a code to register the team and Captain will pay the entire transfer fee.
  5. Once registered, we will provide the Captain codes to share with the team members to register without paying. 

*Note: Transfers are only valid for the following year’s GOMR. If registration fills up before the Captain informs us of the team’s intent to participate, that registration may be forfeited completely.



Questions? Contact Head Gomer at contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com