Sad times

It seems cliché to say it now since you’ve heard the news, received many emails, and heard people say that we are living in unprecedented times.  Well, here’s another one saying the same thing.

We have been following everything closely and listening to the updates, hoping for the best, but understanding that mass gathering restrictions are tightening almost daily.

Knowing GOMR is still outside of the timeframe of these shutdowns right now, I’ve thought long and hard whether we attempt to continue.  However, since it seems like another shoe is falling each day, we have made the decision to cancel GOMR for 2020.  GOMR was designed to benefit a community, not be a burden.

Since GOMR is all about closing the social distance (the new buzz word of the day) and bringing a running community together, I don’t see how it could now function in the true GOMR way.  We’ve looked at postponing GOMR to sometime in the fall, but I think it’s too iffy to try and prop it up and keep pushing it out.  Plus, there are weekends in the fall that just won’t work.

Also, since GOMR is so reliant on the large number of our amazing volunteers, with business and school shutdowns and interruptions, we know that many may be working longer hours and/or different jobs by the time GOMR rolls around.  They may not be able to give of their time like in the past.  I hope this doesn’t last very long, but it may take a great while for life to get back to normal.

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I send out this news.  I will miss seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  I will miss hearing how you did on running Waterfall Road or overcoming your fear of running alone at night.  I will miss wandering through camp, seeing and hearing the fellowship of friends.  I’ll even kind of miss staying awake for 40+ hours.  But if we can do anything to help stop the spread, we must put aside our desires and do what’s best for the greater good.

I thank you for your patronage of GOMR.


Donny McCall