With the Hub and Spoke format of GOMR, we are able to offer several options. Whether you want to immerse youself all weekend and get the whole GOMR experience, you’re a rucker and not a runner, you want to run a relay but only have either Friday or Saturday open, or you want to try your hand at a 52 or 104 mile Ultra, we have an option for you.


Two loops, 12 people, 36 legs, 208 miles.


One loop, 6 or 9 people, 18 legs, 104 miles. Great option if you have other plans for Saturday or if you have to work Friday and can only start late Friday.


Rucking is walking/hiking with a weighted pack. One loop, 6 or 9 ruckers, 18 legs, 104 miles. Will take about the same amount of time as running Full GOMR.

GOMR Ultra – This division is still in the planning stages. With relay Exchanges between 3.5 and 8 miles apart, it only seems natural that an Ultra could be incorporated rather easily. However, for the first year at least, the Ultras will be unsupported.

The 52-mile Ultra will run the GOMR Route up to Exchange #8 then will split off and head back to GOMR Village. Since our shuttles are traveling back and forth between GOMR Central and the Exchanges, our volunteers can take and leave Drop Bags ahead of the Ultra runners, as well as pick them up and bring them back when the runner has passed.

The 104-mile Ultra will be one loop of the GOMR Route. The 104-mile Ultra will require runners to have a crew car that can provide follow support. Since GOMR is a road relay, access to the runner for support can be constant. There is only one section where we will require the support car to avoid due to the road condition.

Click here for all the maps.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of the GOMR Ultra options, email us at contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com.