Night Running

Get Outside Mountain Relay is run on the rural mountain roads of Alleghany County, NC. Local runners, including myself, have run these roads at all hours of the day and night. We feel safe running up here.

Night running provides peace and serenity that is sometimes rare during the day. Seeing the world unfold only 5-10 feet in front of you, lit by a beam of light, enhances focus and minimizes distractions. Many Gomers have said their favorite run is their night run. They were nervous at first, but once they got started, the peace and quiet embraced them and it was an awesome time.

That being said, some people just don’t like running at night. We, at GOMR, understand and will accommodate Gomers’ needs as best we can. Since nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, including safety, below are the options for running at night.

NOTE: Sunset on May 31, 2019: 8:36 PM – Sunrise on June 1, 2019: 6:08 AM

  • All Gomers must wear a safety vest, headlamp, and red and white blinking lights on back and front between the hours of 7:00pm and 7:00am.  We recommend you run every leg with this safety equipment on, even during the day, as you will be better seen by drivers.
  • If there is a chance your run will end after 7:00pm, or will start before 7:00am, err on the side of caution and wear a safety vest and lights.

NOTE: GOMR’s one Exchange Rule is that an exchange has to happen at each Exchange. So, as a team, you have the option to change your running order as you see fit (except running two legs in a row).

NOTE: Only one team personal vehicle will be allowed to park on campus. All other personal vehicles will be parked offsite.


  • Arrange your team’s order to put the comfortable night Gomers on those legs.
    • Gomers must pass to a new Gomer at each Exchange.
  • Companion Gomers are allowed on night legs.
    • Active Gomer must set pace.  Companion runner must follow.
  • Team personal vehicle may be used to “spot” during night legs.
    • Vehicle cannot follow at Gomer’s pace.  Vehicle must hopscotch Gomer, meaning, you must drive ahead a mile or so and wait for active Gomer to pass.  Then drive ahead and wait again.
    • Vehicle cannot carry the next active Gomer.  All Gomers must shuttle out to each Exchange and back to GOMR Nation.
    • Just kidding.  It can be a little stick.

You are more likely to come upon a skunk or opossum than anything dangerous. One key to running at night is to make a little more noise than usual. Shuffling your feet more, wearing bells, singing out loud, or clapping every few steps will give an animal fair warning of your arrival and will prompt them to take flight.

If there’s another option that isn’t listed that you’d like to propose, send me an email at contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com.