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GOMR Benefits
Comparing GOMR to Point A-to-B relays

Benefit GOMR Point A-to-B
One Registration Price
(No Volunteer Fees)
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No Van Rental, Gas, Security Deposit
(Equals About $1000 Savings for 2 Vans)
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Local Shuttle Driver
(Knows All The Roads)
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Ride Less Than 3 Hours In A Shuttle
All Weekend
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Camp Free All Weekend
(Teams Check-In On Thursday)
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Sleep With No Fear Of Being Run Over smiley angry
Get To Know Entire Team smiley angry
Get To Know Other Teams smiley angry
Relax Under A Shade Tree Between Legs smiley angry
Corn Hole Tournaments, Slack Lines,
Basketball Court, Swings, Etc.
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Field Day Games smiley angry
Overnight Movies In The Auditorium smiley angry
Massages On-Site
(For a Small Price, I’m Sure)
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Shuttle Routes Different Than Running Routes
(No 60 Vans Passing You On A Dusty Road)
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Cheering Your Runner On Along The Route angry smiley
Cheering Your Runner Coming Into Exchange angry smiley
Too Many Benefits To List smiley angry

GOMR Officials will be on the course for support; to cheer on Gomers, and to help with any needs. 

We are also inviting the public along the route to be supportive of the relay.  So, you will probably have people cheering you on anyway.  And with the format the way it is, we hope that the Gomers waiting to run will be cheering on every Gomer coming into the exchanges.