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Get Outside Mountain Relay
In the mountains of North Carolina, a call is going out.  It is a call for runners.  A call for Gomers.  A call to Get Outside and...Relay.

The Get Outside Mountain Relay (GOMR) is a 200 mile (well, 208) Hub Relay that is more than a running event.  It is THE event for running.

GOMR is something different.  Once your team signs up and pays, all you have to do is bring your running gear, costumes, gels, water, tents, sleeping bags, GOMR Zone decorations, some spending money, and we'll take care of the rest.

What sets GOMR apart from other relays is our focus on the pop-up nation that exists for the weekend.  Instead of being split up in two separate vans and trying to sleep in a van or on the side of the road, you and your team have the opportunity to stake your claim, set up camp, build your own community, and interact with the whole nation of Gomers.

Get here and we'll get you where you need to be.  Leave the driving to us.