GOMR Event Page

How GOMR Works
Teams will be placed into groups (waves) that will be sent out from the Start line in 30 minute intervals (5:00 am, 5:30 am, 6:00, am, 6:30 am, etc.).  Depending on your team’s submitted 10k pace, you may have a very early start or a later start.

Gomer #1 runs out of GOMR Nation.

Gomer #2 will get into a van to be shuttled to Exchange #1.  When he/she arrives at the Exchange, there should be time to warm up. Don't forget to bring Gomer #1's water, towel, etc.

Gomer #3 will check in and be “on deck” and ready to be shuttled to Exchange #2.

Gomers 4-12 get to sleep in if they want.

When Gomer #1 enters Exchange #1, he hands off the slap bracelet to Gomer #2.

Gomer #2 heads off to Exchange #2.

Gomer #1 may have a little time to cool down and cheer other Gomers coming into Exchange #1.  Or he may have to get right in the van and head back to GOMR Nation.  Our volunteers will radio back to GOMR Central that an exchange has happened.  When the shuttle is ready to leave, all the Gomers that have finished the leg will be shuttled back to GOMR Nation where they can enjoy games, food, music, rest, and fellowship.

By this point, Gomer #3 will be shuttled to Exchange #2.

Gomer #4 will then be on deck.  And so on.

Just as you must keep up with who is running next on a Point A to B relay, it will be your responsibility to check the Big Board at GOMR Central periodically to know if it is close to your time to be shuttled to your leg.  The GOMR Central staff will be kept abreast of when Gomers have come into each Exchange and passed the bracelet to the next Gomer.

There will be at least two shuttles assigned to each exchange.  Once an exchange opens, the shuttles will be in constant rotation back and forth between GOMR Nation and that exchange.  Shuttle routes are mostly different than the running routes so there is very little impact with our vans.  Some exchanges are close (approximately 7-10 minutes away), while others are up to 30 minutes away.  Shuttles will be numbered for the exchange they are assigned to.  You may have to go earlier than you want, simply because a van may be leaving at that time.  Otherwise, your active Gomer could be standing around up to 30 minutes or more, waiting on you.

If a shuttle is leaving the Exchange as you come in and pass off the slap bracelet, know that you will have to hang around for about 30 minutes until the next shuttle arrives, drops off fresh Gomers, and heads back to GOMR Nation.