GOMR Event Page

Dates and Times
May 17, 2019
  • Registration closes.
  • Last day to make team additions or substitutions free of charge.
May 24, 2019
  • Team start times will be emailed to Gomer Captains.
Thursday, May 30, 2019
  • GOMR Nation will open at 12:00pm May 30 for Check/Move In and Packet Pickup.  Check in at Alexander Hall.
  • Mandatory volunteer and participant meeting at 7:30pm at Alexander Hall.
Friday, May 31, 2019
  • GOMR Starts!
  • First wave of Gomers will leave GOMR Nation's Start Line at 5:00am.  Waves will leave every 30 minutes.
  • Games, entertainment, food, vendors throughout the day.
Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • The final Gomers should cross the finish line by 6:00pm.
  • Games, entertainment, food, vendors thoughout the day.
  • GOMR Nation will remain open for teams that want to camp Saturday night as well.
Sunday, June 2, 2019
  • GOMR Nation will close at 12:00pm.  See you next year!!  Or at another Get Outside Event's race!!