Registering for GOMR is simple and easy. Everyone pays for their own registration, Captains included. This is great because if you only want to run with 10 people, you don’t have to split up the full registration price.

Information here is relevant to Captains and Gomers.

Team Registration Steps:

  1. The Captain will register a team, creating a Team Name and Password (if desired) for the team. Captain will pay for his/her registration cost only ($75.00). If you’ve been provided with a GOMR discount code, enter it at Check Out.
  2. Once the Captain has registered, a link to the registration form will be included in your registration confirmation email so that you can forward the link, Team Name, and Password to the other members of your team.
  3. Subsequent Gomer Team Members will register under the Team Name and pay for their individual registration ($75.00).

There are discount periods, so it is important to get signed up as early as possible. You will pay the prevailing price when you register, regardless of when the Captain signs up.

There is a strict No Refund policy.

Questions? Contact Head Gomer at contact@getoutsidemountainrelay.com